Let’s celebrate our growth.

Ke Qin, Ang
2 min readDec 26, 2018


No matter where we are, our failures and success. Let’s take some time to breathe and celebrate.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

December 2018, as the year comes to an end, often calls for a deep reflection. Here I am, at a solo retreat on a quiet island, taking a few days off to rest, reflect, read and rejuvenate, before life bumps me up for another adventure starting first week of January – where I would be based in Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam, for work, for a month.

Every year seems to pass more rapidly than the previous. It has been extremely so for me this 2018, as I think of where I was a year ago.

“Isn’t it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different” — C.S Lewis

It’s easy at this moment to get caught up with remaining tasks and resolutions not yet achieved, at outcomes that didn’t live up to our goals of perfection, of moments that didn’t turn out the way we expected, of journeys that started and had to end.

Today, let’s celebrate.

Let’s celebrate our growth.
Our mini victories.
Think of where you were exactly a year ago.
You are never the same person.
All that you been through, is a blessing.
You are given what you are ready for.

Take a moment now to congratulate yourself.
For being strong in choosing to live and breathe everyday.
The choices we made.
The ‘Yes’ and the ‘No’.

Now say a word of gratitude.
For all abundance and prosperity in life.
For Health. For Wealth. For Relationships.
For Food. For Freedom. For Peace. For Choice.

Take a day off and go out there.
Greet the beauty of nature. Talk to the stars.
Allow the magnitude of the universe to remind us how tiny we are.
That we are part of One.

Lastly, ask yourself.
“Are you happy?”
If you are, stay. If you aren’t, change.
Know you have every power within you to do so.

Free yourself.
Unlimit your imagination.
Release what no longer serves you.

Let the universe conspire in your favour.




Ke Qin, Ang

Digital Strategist. Enjoys books, design, architecture, flora and nature. Her motto: “Live fully, bravely & mindfully”